Friday, February 27, 2015

Nature Speaks !!!

    Nature Speaks.............

What is in your immediate environment? Do you know the impact of your activities on the surrounding where you live?
As we exist in life we will generate waste it is unavoidable but the most important thing is how do you manage your waste stream and how is it disposed? It is very possible to minimise the waste generated by every family or community by adopting sustainable lifestyles. This can be achieved by complying with the 3Rs principle - reduce the amount of waste generated in your daily activities, reuse the products of your waste by putting it to other uses until the life cycle is exhausted and finally by recycling the waste. These measures can be achieved in different ways ranging from simple methods to technological advancement. The main goal is to ensure that nothing goes to the bin until it cannot be used for as a resource. This will make us cost effective by ensuring all our purchases achieve the purpose for which they are bought and more and also the environment is now impacted negatively by the product of our waste.
The above video is taken for a luxurious site in Victoria Island in Lagos in an affluent area of Lagos Island. It was shocking to see that people that live a comfortable life in an area where the rent or cost of a house is very expensive care little or less about what is in there immediate environment. The water and the land are polluted by waste generated from the community but none has taken the responsibility to take action and clean it up. Take a look at your surrounding environment, it is your responsibility not the government alone. Be sustainable, take up the challenge and make a positive impact wherever you find yourself. Do not leave the job for your landlord, the local authority or the state environmental agency. Challenge your self and make a change to ensure we protect and conserve our home..... the environment.