Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Join the Conversation………………. become a Climate Leader

Climate Reality Leaders are an extraordinary group of people from around the world that are unified around the same cause, spreading the truth about climate change and inspiring action on the climate crisis. Climate Reality Leaders are trained by the Chairman and Founder of the Climate Reality Project, former Vice President Al Gore to educate others about climate change and tackle the crisis head on. They’re engaging their communities with Acts of Leadership, building networks of truth, and inspiring solutions and action in their communities.

There are now nearly 6000 trained Climate Reality Leaders in more than 100 countries educating their communities about climate change and with the hope that the movement will continue to grow.
Ordinary people face challenges. Climate Reality Leaders embrace them. The Climate Reality Leadership Corps is a global network of activists committed to taking on the climate crisis and solving the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. The program takes great leaders and makes them exceptional, providing the training in climate science, communications, and organizing to tell the story of climate change and inspire communities everywhere to take action. The result is a dynamic group of world-changers shaping the conversation on climate in forums from family dinners to international summits and building a 21st-century movement for solutions.
Two Nigerians became ‘Climate Leaders’ in summer of 2013 and were trained in the historical and beautiful city of Istanbul, Turkey by Nobel Laureate Al Gore, former US vice President and Chairman of the Climate Reality Corps, USA.
Since the training, they have been committed to promoting the climate change conversation within the Nigerian community and through social media by starting up discussions, promoting adaptation to climatic impacts and proffering sustainable solutions.
Attending a Training with the Climate Reality Leadership Corps
By joining the Climate Reality Leadership Corps at the upcoming training in Johannesburg, South Africa March 12-14, you will join a very select group of world changers who have come together to confront the greatest issue of our time, the one that will define us to future generations. You bring commitment to this cause backed by a long list of accomplishments. This training is your opportunity to take your skills to the next level and go from great to truly exceptional.
During the training, you’ll learn from Al Gore and a group of world-class scientists, strategists, communicators, and organizers about the science of climate change and how to talk to people across the continent about the ways this crisis affects them personally—and what can be done to solve it. You’ll learn how to combine science and solutions, organizing techniques proven by decades of social movements with a 21st-century approach to outreach through storytelling, public speaking, social media networking, and media engagement.
Over the course of the training, you’ll meet trained Climate Reality Leaders with experience in organizing and presenting who come from various professional backgrounds and learn from their experience. You will also meet an incredible group of exceptionally motivated individuals training alongside you including public servants, business people, academics, activists, non-profit professionals, educators, and more. We can’t promise exactly what comes next, but we can promise these three days will change your life.

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Written by O’ Reese on behalf of En-pact Solutions Limited. 2014.
Twitter: @O Reese2

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Developing personal safety plans…….planning for a sustainable 2014


Incorporating personal safety health and environmental plans into our annual new year resolutions is vital to ensure we commit to a safer, more healthy and environmental friendly goals.

It is already over two weeks into the New Year and most of us have developed New year resolutions but the question is, how sustainable are those plans? Most times we develop plans that are very vague thereby they not achievable within the time frame (annual). The traditional New Year resolutions is linked to a secular culture in the Western Hemisphere and also to the Roman tradition when promises were made at the beginning of a new year for self improvement and commitment to a better or healthier lifestyle.
A study conducted in University of Bristol in 2007 involving 3,000 people showed that 88% of the New Year resolutions made, failed even though over half of the participants in the study were optimistic that the plans were achievable when setting the goals? What went wrong is typical of most plans, systems needs to be put in place for the personal plans to be achievable in line with the popular saying “if you fail to plan, you therefore plan to fail”. After developing these plans, in order to execute, put a structure in place on how to achieve it in 2014.
Do you have a personal safety plan? Are you committed to a healthier and sustainable lifestyle in 2014? If your answer to both questions is negative then this is the time to make that pledge to adopt a greener lifestyle in order to life more fulfilled and productive lives in our world filled with emerging environmental concerns and various challenges.

Tips for developing sustainable personal plans
The following are tips to be considered in order to develop an achievable annual personal plan.
Ø  Personal plans should not be treated as “traditions” to be carried out like everyone else but like the terms states, they should be personal for each individual base on your interest and passion.
Ø  Personal plans should be written down and displayed in places such as your workstation, kitchen or dressing mirror so you can see it all the time.
Ø  Health Safety and Environmental goals should be incorporated into these plans
Ø  These plans should be specific and achievable, not too bogus or general.
Ø  Your personal plans should be measurable by having systems in place on how to achieve them for example if you plan to read a book a month, you need to be committed to joining a library, joining a book club or assign funds for buying books monthly.
Ø  Have a schedule for reviewing your personal plans quarterly to check progress on achievement, determine current status and realign accordingly.
Ø  Share your personal safety plans with trusted family and friends so they can support you in achieving these goals.
Ø  Throughout the year, try to do a better job of balancing your time between your relationship with God, your family, recreation and the demands of your job. Do not sacrifice so much to our jobs throughout the year so you can manage stress levels effectively
Ø  Have someone conduct an assessment on you personal plans to determine if it is being adhered to.
Ø  Be conscious of your daily activities and for each task or activity you want to undertake, step back and consider the implication of such behaviour , its impact on others , assets and the environment.

I wish you a safe and productive New Year. Go forth and have a sustainable 2014.                                 
Written by O’ Reese on behalf of En-pact Solutions Limited. 2014.
Twitter: @O Reese2