Thursday, November 22, 2012

Going social with Health Safety & Environmental awareness

Daily living can be dangerous sometimes for we may be faced with encounters we do not have control over. There are several things we have taken for granted and accepted as “part of life” but they continually expose us to harm. It is about time we started looking critically into our lifestyle and be proactive in sustaining ourselves as individuals and those around us; our assets or properties and most importantly the environment we tend to overlook.
I have had the urge to start this forum for a long time but have been stalling. The necessity was recognized years ago when I got into the health safety and environmental field and I realized that there is a gap in providing the basic information on health safety and environmental issues. There are various ways in communicating HSE awareness but with the growing interest in social media; this provides a means of reaching out to a larger audience at the same time. Topics discussed will show correlation between health safety and environment issues and lifestyle activities.
I would like this medium to be as interactive as possible because we can learn various things from each other and it would also bring out the best in me. The topics that will be discussed will be open for discussions to all. It will be appreciated if you could suggest topics of interest that could stir up constructive discussions for us all to imbibe into our lifestyles.
The goal of this forum is to promote “going green” for sustainable living. I know we can all work together to achieve it. I would solicit for the support of everyone so we can make this work and also spread the world to family, colleagues and friends so we can promote this good course.

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