Friday, June 5, 2015

World Environment Day 2015: 7 Billion Dreams One Planet.....Consume With Care

Do you have a dream? I have a dream and I am sure you do have a dream. We all have dreams but just imagine if seven billion people (the world's population) have the same dream. A dream to make the world a better place, working towards the same goal for our mother earth with the same vision of protecting the environment.Then we are sure to achieve the much talked about term "sustainability" which is ensuring the earth is able to retain its resources and features for a long time so that future generations can benefit from it.
What would the future look like when there is no loss of biodiversity, no extinction, no climate change, no global warming , no extreme temperature, drought or floods, no melting of polar regions and no onset of communicable diseases and environmental degradation? Just think about it.
Our home "the earth" would be a better place to live in not only for us but for the next generations.
Join in this dream, make a pledge today as we celebrate the World Environment Day to adopt sustainable lifestyles ,improve on choice of diet, exercise and consume with care.
Together, we can make it happen.................make this dream a reality.
I have make a pledge to spread this message in my immediate community, what about you.
Take action......NOW!

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